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Lecture 1 - 'Living Soil Science'

Th 10 Nov 2022 18:30 – 20:30, Lecture - Gallery 1,2 and 3, Prinsessegracht 4

As soil scientists move away from black box approaches towards a deeper understanding of soil processes, society also starts to look at soil with a different attitude. An attitude that moves away from considering soil as dirt or as a mere substrate for food production. Soil organisms and the processes they perform are intrinsically connected with soil physics and chemistry, driving soil functions that go beyond food production. The soil is living.

In this lecture, they reflect on the evolution of soil quality concepts from its early development to current times. Soil multifunctionality as a component in environmental quality, the role that humans hold in soil degradation through management, and the role of soil scientists in understanding the impact of soil management on soil functions will be discussed.

Soil scientists have the knowledge and the duty to act together with farmers, policy makers and other societal actors, to defend soils, contributing to SDGs, soil-based ecosystem services and shaping the future of our land working together with nature and those same organisms that create a living soil.

With Giulia Bongirno, Wietze Wiersma & Dienke Stomph of the Wageningen University. Check the link for details of the programme!

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