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Fault Lines: KABK Research Forum 2022

Fr 09 Dec 2022 10:00 – 17:00, Research Forum - KABK Auditorium, Prinsessengracht 4, The Hague

The Design & the Deep Future Research Group 2022-2023, part of the Lectorate Design, is pleased to invite you to a day of exchange centred on our projects-in-progress and collective thinking around art, design and research in relation to climate justice.

Chaired by Alice Twemlow, research professor at KABK, the Group comprises five KABK tutors, whose research practices engage with the central theme of the Design Lectorate — making, teaching and researching in the context of climate catastrophe, planetary degradation and the loss of biodiversity. We meet every few weeks in each other’s studios and sites of research, where we engage with the work, read texts, write, and think with each other through the doubts, dilemmas and complexities of our individual projects and the methodological or thematic composite that connects us.

For this event, in the KABK auditorium, we will be joined by some of our students and colleagues from KABK. We are thrilled to share that we will also be joined by three keynote speakers who we have invited to help frame and contextualise our work: Aditi Jaganathan, Fiona Hallinan and Rolando Vázquez.

We look forward welcoming you all on Friday December 9! Please confirm your attendance by sending an RSVP to coordinator Martha Jager at m.jager@kabk.nl

Please follow the above link for all the details on the programme, participants of the research group 2022-2023 and the keynote speakers.

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