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Georgie Brinkman

Other-than-human storytelling in a time of extinction.


Artist Bio

Georgie Brinkman is an artist and researcher whose work treads a precarious ground between science-fiction and science-fact (and the muddy sludge in between) in order to ask what it means to be human in the age of extinction.

She graduated from the MA Artistic Research department (KABK) in 2021, where she was supported by a scholarship from the Leverhulme Trust. Recent and upcoming exhibitions include LUNA Young Masters 2022, Media Art Friesland (Leeuwarden, NL); Nachtvlucht, Stedelijk Museum Breda (NL); Art au Centre, (Liège, BE) and Art & the Rural Imagination, More Than Ponies (UK).

She often collaborates as part of artist duo ZOOX. Alongside my practice she founded The New Flesh, an artist residency program for early career artists working at the intersection of costume and moving image.


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