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©Luiz Zanotello, 'A knot in motion', Base Ecológica Serra do Japi (Jundiaí, BR).

Becoming Tropical

Fr 27 Oct 2023 19:45 – 20:15, Lecture-performance - Amare, Studio 1, Spuiplein 150

By performing an ethnography of time through a form of tropical mise en abyme, Luiz Zanotello's lecture-performance examines the tropical condition and its unique modes of sensibility beyond the nature-culture divide.

Luiz Zanotello's research departs from the trope of the abyss as a space of ontological indeterminacy to interrogate the dichotomous split between world and language within a postcolonial condition. Engaging with decolonial modes of thinking-feeling between the arts and sciences, he searches for a poetics that emerges from the interstices between fact and fiction, nature and culture, center and periphery within tropical epistemologies.

In such a framework, how might the practice of technological reappropriation emancipate the circumstances in which contradiction and paradox can be productively felt and accepted? In what ways might fiction and magical thinking become part of scientific reasoning? How to sense and make sense of the tropical condition through ecologies of thought beyond the nature-culture divide?

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