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Photo credit: Luiz Zanotello

Luiz Zanotello

Luiz Zanotello (*1986, Brazil) is an artist whose work is marked by a poetic inquiry into material ecologies of techno-imagination. For the past decade, he has been concerned with critical zones of affect across natural, cultural, scientific, and technological contingencies.

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Departing from pluriversal perspectives to experience, his research-based practice unfolds through time-based installations, performances, texts and teaching activities. Based in Berlin (DE), he is currently a PhD Candidate in Artistic Research at the University of the Arts Bremen (DE) together with the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (Leiden University and Royal Academy of Art, NL) funded by the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes.

His work has been shown in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb (HR), the Museum of Applied Arts Vienna (AT), and Cidade das Artes in Rio de Janeiro (BR). He was Assistant Professor for New Media at the Berlin University of the Arts (DE) for six years, as well as a DAAD scholarship holder, a Petra & Dieter Frese Stiftung Preis awardee, an artistic resident funded by the Goethe Institute, among others. He holds a BA in Design from the São Paulo State University (BR) and an MA in Digital Media from the University of the Arts Bremen (DE).

Profile photo credit: Luiz Zanotello, 'Every abyss is a poem yet unfinished', activation performance during the opening of 'Halbe Halbe', Dauerwelle. © Luiz Zanotello, 2023

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