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JAZZ DRUMS: 5 unconventional comping examples

After a long investigation of the jazz discography from 1920s until today, Dimitris Koutantos chose 5 recordings which contain drum-comping styles with these two characteristics: 1)not-cymbal-oriented 2)non-repetitive. For his research exposition, he uses a variety of media (such as videos, musical notation & text) to show you his path: -searchng and choosing recordings -transcribing them -analyzing them -creating different exercises (to solve problems) -turning what he learned into action -looking for his own comping style (inspired by those drummers) -sharing his thoughts and conclusions. With this research, Dimitris hopes to help other drum-students: -explore these 'unconventional' styles of comping -improve their time & co-ordination -search for their own style.

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