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© Renske Maria van Dam

Exhibition 'Hugging Architecture'

2 Jun 2023 — 17 Jun, Opening & Exhibition - Amare

You are warmly invited to the opening of the exhibition Hugging Architecture on the 2nd of June from 18:00 - 20:00 at Amare. During the exhibition, which runs until the 17th of June 2023, you will experience this new cultural centre of The Hague in unconventional ways.

Amare is designed as a ‘multiversum’: an inviting, multifunctional, cultural and social space with streets, alleyways and small squares. Guided by architect Renske Maria van Dam and performance researcher Leon Lapa Pereira students of the ArtScience Interfaculty in The Hague have explored how to activate new levels of radical care with and for our surroundings. To radically care is to collectively move, listen and breathe with the building to find its voice. Together they explored how Amare feels, how its atmospheres shift in different settings, and how different groups of people behave in this multiverse.

As an outcome of the research the ArtScience Interfaculty presents the exhibition Hugging Architecture. Between affect and affection, the spatial and performative interventions presented in this exhibition make hidden experiences tangible, point out sounds which one does normally perceive, uncover and confront you with your own presence and invite you to shift the usual routes through the building. Hugging Architecture is an open call to ‘pour your body into’ the built environment. By introducing a soft playfulness, the artworks make Amare feel closer, warmer and invites you to more intimate relationship with each other and the building.

With works by:

  • Alexander Koppel;
  • Dominika Badyla;
  • Emma Hanny;
  • Ecaterina Grigoriev;
  • Esmée Witsel;
  • Gemma Luz Bosch;
  • Julianna Gräf;
  • Leon Lapa Pereira;
  • Luca Serafini;
  • Milu Chen;
  • Niki Scheijen;
  • Tom de Kok;
  • Tomas Bermudez;
  • Shuyin Hou;
  • Zhu Ou.

Gratefully supported by:

  • Amare: Gerko Telman, Mariska Simons, Anouk Thole, Jan Zoet;
  • Noahh Architects: Patrick Fransen;
  • Dag van de Architectuur Den Haag: Paul de Vries;
  • NDT: Jelle Verhoef, Eva Moonen

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