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Photo by Naomi Moonlion

Kitchenware & More

Fr 27 Oct 2023 12:30 – 14:00, Collective Lunch Break, featuring Cemre - KABK Gallery 1, Prinsessegracht 4

For the Joint Research Day, artist and ArtScience alum Cemre Kara will join us during the entire lunch break. She leads us through her research on food consumption and guides us in using her special cutlery to transform our eating experience.

At some point, the idea of food consumption was transformed from a biological necessity into a carefully cultured lifestyle phenomenon. All the information we have about food and eating has been passed on and developed from generation to generation to the cultures of today. These are the things we call our table manners or food ethics. The ways we consume and process or choose to socialize around food.

Through her concept, Cemre Kara’s lecture performance will showcase her ongoing research on exploring rituals surrounding food consumption in different contexts. And how, by transforming the tools that we use, human behavior is also transformed.

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