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Symposium - The Essay in the University

We 13 Mar 2024 14:00 – 16:00, Symposium - Leiden University (Kamerlingh Onnes Building, Room B0.13)

With the symposium The Essay in the University, it is asked how the essay form functions and positions itself within university scholarship. By placing the essay at the center rather than the margins of academic practice, it is hoped to shed new light on the broader co-dependency of essayistic and academic pursuits of knowledge.

Over the course of three afternoons, the subject will be approached through three themes: art and science, pedagogy, and epistemology. Each session will consist of lectures and discussions by invited guests, who will explore possible answers to the following questions: How does essayism relate to the disciplinary boundaries of the contemporary university? What do essayistic approaches add to the advancement of academic knowledge? What meaningful place is there for personal experience and subjective perspectives in scholarly fields of inquiry? How does academic rigor and integrity relate to essayistic approaches to research? And to what extent does essayism encourage genuine critical thinking in university fields and subjects?

This symposium is organized by Dr. Thijs Witty (dept. Film and Literary Studies, Universiteit Leiden), Drs. Emily Huurdeman (Academy of Creative and Performing Arts, Universiteit Leiden & PD candidate)

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