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EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) 2022 in Leiden

13 Jul 2022 — 16 Jul, Open Forum - Leiden

This unique interdisciplinary conference, organized in Leiden, is for anyone with a curious mind. From scientists, (arts) researchers and academics of all career stages, students, R&D experts, entrepreneurs, businesspeople, innovators, policy makers, scientific journalists, artists, and of course the public hungry for science. From across continents and across disciplines.

People who want to debate, exchange knowledge, explore new interventions, discover cutting-edge scientific research and weave new and ground-breaking alliances to tackle the major challenges and its impact on society. ESOF2022 welcomes, bold thinkers, collaborative practitioners, and open-minded policy makers to come together physically (yes!) and online during this hybrid conference. Anyone who understands the need for joined-up thinking and research.

The theme of this year is Crossing Borders, Engaged Science, Resilient Societies, and has seven tracks: (1) Sustainable Environment, (2) Cultural Identities and Societal Transformations, (3) Space for Science, (4) Healthy Societies, (5) Freedom and Responsibility of Science, (6) Science and Business and (7) Sustainable Academic Careers.

ESOF aims to

  • foster dialogue on science, technology, innovation, policy, and society,
  • offer a platform for cross-disciplinary interaction and exchange,
  • present cutting-edge scientific and technological developments in all scientific areas,
  • including natural and medical sciences, life sciences, physical sciences, social sciences and humanities,
  • offer valuable opportunities for early-career researchers, including networking and career,
  • advice

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