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Photo credit: Ingrid Grünwald

Ingrid Grünwald

Ingrid Grünwald is senior coordinator of the Bachelor Graphic Design programme at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK). She has studied English Language and Literature. She is an organizer, educator, and researcher. Since 2017 Ingrid initiated English classes to improve foreign students' command of the English language, and to create a place to exchange stories and language-related experiences. She uses language and literature as a means to better understanding different cultural perspectives, and to improve intercultural communication.

In 2021 she started The Big Dialogue-sessions with Maarten Cornel.

Ingrid Grunwald has studied English Language and Literature at the Free University in Amsterdam and wrote her final Thesis about Toni Morrison’s Beloved. Always interested in minorities and language she tried to incorporate this passion within her work in art education from the start, among others in recruiting students with different cultural backgrounds. This brought her one year in places where talented youngsters are taught art in unconventional places in the East of Amsterdam. She worked as a professional at the Amsterdam School of the Arts (BA-Fine Arts in Education) and as a tutor Communication & Organisation in secondary vocational education at “Het Mediacollege Amsterdam” (MA). She is still an external reviewer for MA and an international reviewer at EQ-Arts. She helps international students in their first year with the English language and intercultural communication. Together with Maarten Cornel she initiated the Big Dialogue about a variety of (social) issues art education is struggling with.

Photo: Ingrid with students of her English club

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