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Mmmmmmmmmarshmallow Cube

24 May 2022 — 25 May, Exhibition

In the framework of the Exhibition Research Lab course within the Art Research Programme set-up by the Lectorate Art, Theory & Practice, students of the Royal Academy of Art (BA KABK) and students of the Leiden University (BA and MA), have created the exhibition Mmmmmmmmmarshmallow Cube.

What does intimacy mean to you?

A long conversation with an old friend, holding hands with a loved one, a fleeting glance in a train station. Does it take you somewhere personal, vulnerable, or intimidating? From May 24 to 25 May in Gallery spaces 1 and 2 of the KABK, the students from the Exhibition Research Lab invite you to explore intimacy through the lenses of heritage, comfort, and domesticity in the Mmmmmmmmmarshmallow Cube.

So why Mmmmmmmmmarshmallow Cube?

Engaging with the history of curatorial practices, students reflect on the omnipresent ‘white cube’ and its context in exhibition making. In searching for softness within these traditionally sterile, fluorescent, white walls, visitors are invited to question the role of the ‘white cube’ within contemporary art displays.

Come and discover how we perceive intimacy with others, with self, and with space.

The participating students from KABK and the Leiden University are Heidi Holmstöm, Rising Lai, Nabila Ayu Aviani, Evalotte van Rosen, Shana De Villiers, Frans van Hoek, Pum van de Koppel, Ferdinand Waas, from the Royal Academy of Art, the Hague, in collaboration with Leiden University students Phoebe Long, Evalotte Krause, Imogen Katcher, Frances Rompas, and Pippilotta de Galan.

Tutor: Tatjana Macic

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