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A Musicians’ View on Cooperating with Composers: The influence of composers on the performance practice

Name: Martin van Hees Main Subject: Guitar Research Coach: Patrick van Deurzen Title of Research: A Musicians’ view on cooperating with composers Research Question: What is the influence of a composer on the performance practice of a performer when playing the composers’ composition? Research Process: An introduction and short analysis of five compositions will be presented in the research process. A meeting with the composer will take place and issues regarding musical ideas and technical difficulties will be discussed. Before meeting the composer a thorough analysis regarding the way of performing the composition will be made. All the important decisions, musically and technically will be mentioned. A sound recording of the composition will be made in this stage. During the meeting with the composer the composition will be played, recorded and reviewed. There will be an interview held with questions regarding the composition and with questions regarding the opinion of the composer concerning the performance practice. After meeting the composer, an analysis of the interview will be made. A reconsideration of the interpretation of the composition will be made. The composition will be recorded again. A comprehensive analysis of the cooperation will be made and a conclusion will be drawn. Summary of Results: Throughout the research I discovered that it is helpful to play the composers composition in advance to them, before actually performing it. When a performer has sincere affection with a certain composition it is worth to share this affection with its creator. A performer has to be aware that a composition is a changeable piece of art, so a composer can always change the performer his opinion on the piece, even if the performer disagrees, both parties should come to a common solution. As regarding the changes that are made before and after the meeting with the composer, they are audible on the sound recordings at https://soundcloud.com/martinvanhees

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