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Photo credit: Alex Schroder, taken during the Joint Research Day

SAR International Forum 2024 on Artistic Research

10 Apr 2024 — 12 Apr, Symposium - Fontys Academy of the Arts, Tilburg

We are excited to announce the Society for Artistic Research (SAR) International Forum on Artistic Research 2024. The Forum is hosted by Fontys Academy of the Arts, Tilburg, and co-curated and co-developed with SAR to be a new and innovative biennial format, that will alternate with the already established SAR conferences.

SAR invites artistic researchers, artists and practitioners, as well as policy makers and stakeholders from diverse backgrounds who share a deep interest in the current overall, larger and general issues and opportunities in artistic research to engage in a thought- provoking and stimulating dialogue. We hope this will allow for the fostering of connections and the building of community relationships that will shape the future of and for artistic research.

The Forum 2024 aims to address, explore and negotiate challenges, visions and opportunities for artistic research and in contemporary society. In particular critical issues and questions that relate to:

  • the ethical dimensions of artistic research and the responsibilities when navigating this complex What do and how should ethics ‘look’ for artistic research, and who and how should they be managed and implemented?
  • the spaces, places and contexts of artistic research: What should a progressive and responsive research environment for artistic research and artistic researchers on all educational and career levels look like?
  • the challenges and opportunities of Artificial Intelligence for artistic research(ers): How and when does Artificial Intelligence create new directions for artistic research? What supports or hinders artistic research and Artificial Intelligence to coalesce and collaborate mutually and productively?

We invite both established experts and emerging voices in the field of artistic research to actively participate, share their insights and practice, and imagine the central role of artistic research in addressing the societal challenges of our time. More details about this new biennial meeting format of the SAR International Forum on Artistic Research, designed to encourage active participant contributions beyond the traditional SAR conference format, will be revealed soon. Stay tuned for updates!

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