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Taste of Cement (2017), Ziad Kalthoum


Fr 19 Jan 2024 15:45 – 19:30 - New Music Lab (Amare) desk 6th floor

Judith Naeff of Leiden University will give a guest lecture titled Visualizing Migrant Bodies, Narrating Global Capitalism.

Time: doors open at 15.45, start 16.00 sharp, end time 19.30.

Thanks to everyone for joining!

Guest lecture by Judith Naeff, followed by a screening of Taste of Cement (2017) by Ziad Kalthoum.

This lecture discusses the difficulties of capturing something as abstract as global capitalism and its very tangible effects on real lives. It does so by analyzing two essay films focusing on the systemic exploitation of migrant labourers: Remote Sensing (2001) by Ursula Biemann and Taste of Cement (2017) by Ziad Kalthoum. The lecture addresses the ethics of representation, the usage of surveillance technologies and amateur footage, gendered geographies, narrative voice, and the embodied and sensual.

The lecture is followed by a screening of Taste of Cement by Ziad Kalthoum and an online Q&A with the filmmaker. Shot on a construction site in Beirut, the film captures the daily life of Syrian migrant workers while their home country is ravaged by war. With stunning cinematography by Talal Khoury the film weaves together the stories of Beirut and Aleppo, past and present, and the lives lived among the dust of their concrete.

We hope to see you there!

Film Lectures 2023-2024 is a Master’s series by the Lectorate FILM, Erik Viskil and Georgie Brinkman

Following sessions: 2 February Cinema KABK, 1 March Auditorium KABK, 15 March Auditorium KABK, 19 April Auditorium KABK, 17 May Auditorium KABK


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