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Alex Schröder & Royal Conservatoire

Convergence - Seminar on Technological and Somatic Perspectives on Interdisciplinary Artistic Practices

21 Apr 2023 — 22 Apr, Seminar Royal Conservatoire Antwerp - Desguinlei 25, 2018 Antwerp

The second edition of the Convergence seminar will focus on the use of new technologies and digital stages in interdisciplinary / intermedia artistic practices. Researchers, artists, and anyone currently engaging with this subject are welcome to share their practices, experiences, and historical perspectives on the 21st and 22nd of April 2023.

The implementation of technology in interdisciplinary artistic practices and research has been creating new implications in multisensory approaches and extended embodied creativity. In these frames, the hybrid live and virtual performance space is becoming even more of a place where artists can experiment with what we call “phygital” and “somatech” experiences. These are hybrid forms of artistic expression mixing computation and embodiment, a form that opens new avenues in multisensory inclusivity, digital embodiment, and technological interactivity.

How can the artist orient themselves around the ever-expanding possibilities of technological tools, techniques, and stages? The list of subjects and sub-questions:

  • Extended Somatic Practices: To what extent can computational creativity unveil the hermetic and introspective nature of embodied creativity in interdisciplinary performing arts, hybrid constellations where somatic and technological knowledge/knowing interweave?
  • Metaverse and Hybrid Stages: Which innovative approaches in the performing arts industry/production are developing hybrid, live and virtual performance spaces? How can we integrate these representations and experiences in these environments and the metaverse? To what extent are artists defining and dealing with the avant-garde aesthetics of ”phygital art”?
  • Intermedia Technologies & Techniques: The new possibilities facilitated by technology blur the borders between not only the interdisciplinary performance practice, but also the intermedia creative process. What are the new and innovative tools, practices, and techniques available to artists in the space between disciplines?

This event is a collaboration between the Conservatoire's research groups CREATIE, CORPoREAL and has been initiated by Klaas Devos, Giusy Caruso and Umut Eldem. Keynotes by Prof. Dr. Maaike Bleeker, Screen Dive, and LWT3.

Check the link for detailed information on the programme

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