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The one-to-one setting at music conservatoires in light of the Master of Music curriculum with its Master Project

Within a social constructionism epistemology, this exploratory research aims to shed light on the role of the main subject teacher at the conservatoire, specifically at master level.

In the Master of Music curriculum at the Royal Conservatoire, a Master Project philosophy has been implemented which asks students to connect their artistry with their research and their professional integration activities. By using an inductive approach and a qualitative methodology this research can collect rich data, emphasise the emic perspective, and focus on individual meanings.

Semi-structured interviews are used as a method to find out what is meaningful to the participants, in their role as main subject teacher and regarding their position within the Master Project. So far, seven interviews have taken place with main subject teachers of different departments and instruments. Qualitative thematic analysis will be used to analyse the data. Interviews with teachers will continue in September to include more departments and collect more viewpoints.

The findings will be significant for curriculum development and will feed into the KC Master curriculum and Bachelor curriculum working groups.