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Meta learning for Young Musicians: LearningLAB in the Jong KC

How can we best implement a program to help young musicians to learn how to practice effectively and efficiently, organize their time and energy and understand how to be healthy and fit for learning?

In March 2023 we – Susan Williams and Irma Kort – were approached by Annick van Gennip from the Jong KC department asking us to design a program that could help their students to learn more about how to practice and to organize their studies. The aim of the program is to reduce stress amongst students and to create opportunities for them to develop into autonomous, creative, musical learners. The young KC students are preparing for education at the KC. This is currently one of the most successful forms of music education with this goal in The Netherlands. The initiative by Annick van Gennip was to give our young KC students a ‘head start’ by giving them an opportunity to have coaching on practicing and metacognition. In addition, the program aims to stimulate teambuilding, meaningful collaborative practice and collective teacher efficacy.