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Lyndsey Housden, Hexagonal Prism, Prinsessegracht Courtyard, KABK, IRG May 2021

Newsletter |> /~\ |≥ ( December 2022

In 2021, the KABK, KC and the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA) at Leiden University established a joint research platform, now called Platform for Arts Research in Collaboration (PARC).

|> /~\ |≥ ( is an online and offline platform for researchers working in and beyond the fields Art, Design and Music to exchange knowledge, experiences and public events, stimulate collaboration and increase the visibility of research processes in and with the arts. Through |> /~\ |≥ (, we also hope to strengthen our own collaboration between the three institutions.

As the research coordinator of this platform, I would like to inform you about the developments since we have started.

|> /~\ |≥ ('s online platform, researchplatform.art

Last year, designers Joel Galvez and Dirk Laucke have started to create a website for |> /~\ |≥ ( with the theme Notes from the Keyboard. They did so in consultation with a working group of lectors, researchers and directors of the three institutions, and supported by a sounding board group of students and teachers, who provided us and the designers with feedback and advice. The website researchplatform.art has been up and running since this summer and we are continuing to work on it in an organic step-by-step process in 2023. This will be done with, by and for the research community.

Would you like to receive the newsletter, present an artistic research project as a researcher or collective, announce a public event, add your research calendar to the Community Events, post a news item, write/post an article, or add your research profile? Then contact me via info@researchplatform.art.

Link between researchplatform.art & Research Catalogue

We have digitally connected researchplatform.art to the Research Catalogue, which means that abstracts, tags and the link to the public research published at the Research Catalogue can consequently be found through the search function of researchplatform.art. This is an example. We did this, because students, staff, PhD’s and other researchers of the KC and ACPA make frequent use of the Research Catalogue. The KABK is also working on deploying the Research Catalogue officially in both BA and MA education (through the thesis) from the first half of 2023.

Arts Research Festival **27th of October 2023**

Save the date for the Arts Research Festival on Friday 27th of October 2023!

The idea for this day is to provide a platform for the entire research community to meet, exchange ideas & experiences and especially to be inspired by the abundant and diverse research taking place at the three institutions. Everyone at KABK, KC and ACPA who is working on or interested in research - from teachers to students to artist-researchers to professors – is invited to participate. We are working on developing a dynamic programme consisting of (book) presentations, panel discussions, interviews, music and lectures. The programme will cover a range of subjects within artistic research, the position of research in education, research policy and the possibilities of third cycle education (PD/PhD) in Leiden, the Netherlands and abroad. We will keep you informed via the newsletter and this website.

You can RSVP here for the Arts Reseach Festival on 27th of October 2023. Photo: Alex Schröder, KC archive

Output & self-reflection of the Interdisciplinary Research Group (IRG)

The first pilot project of |> /~\ |≥ ( is the Interdisciplinary Research Group [IRG]. The IRG was formed by researchers from the three institutions and chaired by lectors/professors Paul Craenen (KC/ACPA) and Alice Twemlow (KABK). Both the outcome of the individual research of participants Justin Bennett (KC), Lyndsey Housden (KABK), Thalia Hoffman (ACPA) and Jed Wentz (ACPA), as well as the self-reflection (scroll!) on both the importance but also the challenges of interdisciplinarity and collaboration in (artistic) research can be found on our website.

All parties of PARC agree on the importance of an interdisciplinary perspective to enrich the artistic research of both students and staff. The faculty plans of KABK and KC state that interdisciplinary research will be further stimulated in the upcoming years.

Internal collaboration & evaluation of our research

Through |> /~\ |≥ (, we are also working on strengthening the HdK-wide research policy as well as the relationship between research and education. In September this year, we started preparing for the BKO (Branch Protocol on Quality Assurance in Research), planned for 2023. This assessment takes place every six years. The KC, KABK and ACPA are currently preparing for jointly writing the Self-Reflection. All teaching and research departments, especially at HdK, will be affected by this extensive process.

Listen to the podcast Listening to the New Babylon of Justin Bennett, developed during the IRG in 2022.

Development of an annual thematic programme

We are working on developing an annual thematic programme, which will involve activities such as lectures, screenings, performances and discussions. This will encourage a casual form of collaborative research and discourse on a relevant topic of interest. For the theme of the first year, based on |> /~\ |≥ ('s mission and developments in art (e.g. lumbung) we are considering the practice of collaboration in art and society, specifically our Western individualist society, in which we are perpetually faced with the challenge of finding solution to and dealing with a continuous chain of crises (time, climate, economic, social). If you have or know interesting sources related to this topic, please share them with me.

Looking forward meeting you, online or offline,

Kind regards,

Lianne van Roekel (ACPA/KABK/KC),
Research Coordinator - Platform for Arts Research in Collaboration |> /~\ |≥ (

Also on behalf of the MT working group,

Huug de Deugd (HdK), Chair of the Executive Board HdK
Erik Viski (ACPA), academic director/professor at ACPA, lector HdK & chair of PARC
Ranti Tjan (KABK) and Henk van der Meulen (KC), directors
Martin Prchal (KC) & Fenna Hup (KABK), vice directors HdK
Alice Twemlow (KABK), lector Design
Paul Craenen (KC/ACPA), lector Music, Arts & Society & guest professor at ACPA
Anke Haarmann (KABK/ACPA), lector Art, Theory & Practice & director/professor at PhDArts

Lyndsey Housden, Time, Prinsessegracht Courtyard, KABK, 29 May 2021
Documentation of one of the participants of the Here/Then & Now group, by Thalia Hoffman
Mr. Vandenhoff as Coriolantus, photo Jed Wentz