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Automatically import your research related event calendar here

You can automatically import your arts research events from your own website or calendar by using a so-called .ics export.

If you already have a website with a calendar, in most cases, you can create an automatic export of your arts research events. This way, it happens by itself in the future, so that things added to your website also shows up here. Long term, this is the most convenient way to export your events, since you don't have to add them twice.

If you don't have a website, or if your website is too simple for automatic exports, no problem. You can also use an existing calendar such as Google Calendar, iCloud, Nextcloud, or similar. Whatever events you add there would automatically show up on our front page.

More detailed instructions here.

Once you have a calendar export and you would like to make sure it works, you can test that it works here.

Then, once you have a calendar, contact us so we can add your calendar data feed to our Community Events.