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CompLex - an OSC and Voltage controlled Signal Path Generator (VC-SPG)

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This thesis describes my electronic and artistic research into the design of what I have called the Voltage Controlled Signal Path Generator (VC-SPG). It is a switching audio matrix that can both be seen as a new tool, and as a part of a musical-instrument. As we will see, it can be applied in an analogue electronic music studio setup, a modular synthesizer or in an interactive art-installation. This master research project is a continuation of my previous work at the Royal Conservatoire where I design new technology for Art and Education. The fundamental core of my research project is the development of an audio-matrix with 16 inputs and 16 outputs that can be fully configured, controlled and programmed with Open Sound Control (OSC) and that can be synced and triggered with external analogue signals. In its present state the VC-SPG has become a new type of generator that is able to switch between different studio presets and form the core of new audio experiences and new compositional approaches. I will describe and reflect upon both the technical challenges and development and the musical and artistic results shared with me by students and professionals who used the VC-SPG over the last year for their own work. They all experienced the VC-SPG to be adding a new dimension to their creative process. We can conclude that the VC-SPG is not only a new practical tool, but also a creative instrument for electronic-music and art.

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