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Self-organized: Breaking the Organigram

Fr 28 Jun 2024 17:00 – 19:30, A meet-up series about self-organization - NDSM plein 127 1033 WC Amsterdam

The collective Hackers & Designers is inviting you to the first of a series of informal [re]work sessions that explore how self-organized communities involved with cultural work continue to develop and sustain themselves. They are particularly interested in exploring together with peers the tools and infrastructures that enable and/or hinder their collective work.

The three thematic [re]work sessions are roughly dedicated to {(1)} administration of care related to different cooperative models, {(2)} intersectional inspections of [digital] infrastructural labour organisation and {(3)} development of terms and conditions toward alternative economies.

[Re]work session {(1)}: Breaking the Organigram

For the upcoming session we will be joined by Taylor Le Melle from not/nowhere, an artist workers’ cooperative that programmes workshops, screenings, exhibitions and other events and Sarah Payton who is an artist and community organizer at Art City NDSM in Amsterdam.

Together we will explore the situatedness of different decentralized organizational practices, their interdependencies and reflect through participants personal experiences, approaches and modalities within/as collectives and self-organizations. Through hands-on exercises we will imagine together different ways of configuring labor, care and infrastructure that nourish communities and strengthen allied networks.


Taylor Le Melle

…works as a curator (of sorts) and certainly as a writer of ante-modern and anti-modern criticism; off-kilter catalogue essays and fiction of the artistic sub-genre type; as an editor and publisher of several collections of science fantasy, theory and poetry; as a researcher into plants, property and physical experience — bodies, the social kind with reluctance and the flesh kind with enthusiasm — cultivating perception and proprioception through self-experimentation.

…is one of several co-directors of London-based workers cooperative not/nowhere, whose primary occupations is with building a just infrastructure for artistic practice via the circulation and distribution of 8mm and 16mm moving image formats.

Previous presentations include: Deviant Research, Van Abbe Museum (cur. Yolande van der Heide, N Aikens); Research Fellowship (org. F Dodzan/ A Groten), Sandberg Instituut; Amant Foundation Residency, Brooklyn (cur. J Berrios); Text Exercises, Felix Gaudlitz, Vienna (cur. Richard Birkett); Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge (cur. A. Sandhu).

Recent Writing: Anthea Hamilton: Mash Up, Triangle Books; Otobong Nkanga: Unearthed, Kunsthaus Bregenz; Renee Green: Inevitable Distances, Hatje Cantz; DNA6: Carrier Bag Fiction, Spector. Reviews for Tangents.art. Upcoming writing workshop at not-nowhere.org 5pm, 19 June, London

Sarah Payton

Sarah Payton (Detroit, 1967) is an artist, cultural producer and community organizer. She is (co)initiator of the annual manifestation NDSM OPEN, initiator and editor of the artists’ paper NDSM OPEN and co-founder of the initiative Art City NDSM. She is currently the chair of the board of the Tenants Association the Toekomst (the Future), and is a member of the elected Loodsraad (roughly: Shed Council) of the Kinetisch Noord Foundation which owns and manages the NDSM Loods. From 2020-2022 she held the temporary function of Community Organizer for the Tenants association.

Time table

  • 17.00 Walk-in
  • 17.15 Welcome by H&D
  • 17.25 Introduction round
  • 17.40 Introduction Taylor Le Melle (not/nowhere) and Sarah Payton (Art City NDSM)
  • 18.00 Exercise Breaking the Organigram
  • 18.30 Break
  • 18:45 Exercise: Shadow organizing
  • 19.15 Reintroduction
  • 19.30 Drinks


This event will take place at the Hackers & Designers studio at NDSM-plein 127. The studio is located on the first floor of the NDSM Loods and is partially wheelchair-accessible. Please consult this page for information on the accessibility of the studio.

  • The spoken language at the event will be English.
  • Before joining make sure to carefully read the H&D Code of Conduct.