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Georgie Brinkman

Other-than-human storytelling in a time of extinction.

Artist Bio

I am an artist and researcher whose work treads a precarious ground between science-fiction and science-fact (and the muddy sludge in between) in order to ask what it means to be human in the age of extinction.

I recently graduated from MA Artistic Research at KABK, where I was supported by a scholarship from the Leverhulme Trust. Recent and upcoming exhibitions include LUNA Young Masters 2022, Media Art Friesland (Leeuwarden, NL); Nachtvluct, Stedelijk Museum Breda (Breda, NL); Art au Centre, (Liège, BE) and Art & the Rural Imagination, More Than Ponies (UK). I often collaborate as part of artist duo ZOOX. Alongside my practice I founded The New Flesh, an artist residency program for early career artists working at the intersection of costume and moving image.

www.georginabrinkman.co.uk | www.new-flesh.com

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