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© Giulietta Pastorino Verastegui

Alternative Forms of Dissemination @ Symposium Dis-Seminar #2

Tu 29 Nov 2022 10:00 – 18:00, Symposium_Workshop - Fort de Batterijen in Nieuwegein

On Tuesday the 29th of November, the Dutch platform for 'lectors' Kunst ≈ Onderzoek (Art ≈ Research), organises the second edition of DIS_SEMINAR. This is a symposium for professors, researchers (PhD/PD, postdoc, lecturer-researchers), curious (MA)students, research policy & support people, about alternative forms of dissemination.

The KABK Design Lectorate is part of the program. They will present a hands-on workshop with three KABK alums who contributed to the Touching: A Research Method in Art & Design publication and project. The session will include an introduction by KABK Design Lector Alice Twemlow and then the former KABK students will share their approaches to co-researching with materials via the sense of touch.

Presenting artists and designers:

  • Giulietta Pastorino Verastegui—Caressing Colour: Researching with Pigments
  • Erco Lai—Coaxing Calcium Carbonate: Researching with Geo Processes
  • Muireann Nic An Bheatha—Tapping Tapioca: Researching with Bioplastics

Do you want to meet other peers and join more interactive sessions with titles such as Writing Sensitives, Performing Working, The very specific guide to Anywhere or Polyphonic Dissemination?

Register here before the 22nd of November.

Keep an eye on the website of Kunst ≈ Onderzoek for the full program.

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