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Photo Alex Schröder, taken during the Joint Research Day '23.

Funding for Research: Instruments & Opportunities for (Artist) Researchers

We 24 Jan 2024 13:30 – 17:00, Info Session (Hybrid) - Wijnhaven Leiden University, Turfmarkt 99

On the 24th of January 2024, the working group of PARC organises a first information session on Funding for Research: (Inter)National Instruments & Opportunities for (Artist) Researchers.

Together with the lectors of the Royal Academy of Art (KABK), the Royal Conservatoire (KC), the management of the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA) and several external experts, we jointly explore the (inter)national funding landscape of (artistic) research.

This is also a perfect opportunity to meet your peer researchers and fellow (teaching)staff!


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  • 13:15 > Walk-in
  • 13:30 > Short welcome by Lianne van Roekel, research coordinator PARC
  • 13:35 > Thomas Kelderman, Programme Manager at Taskforce for Applied Research (SIA Regieorgaan)
    • SIA, what do they do?
    • Which subsidies are relevant for (artist) researchers in 2024?
    • General overview infrastructure - Dutch Research Council (NWO) / National Science Agenda (NWA)
    • Internationalisation programme
  • 14:00 > Erik Viskil, Academic Director and professor Research & Discourse in Artistic Practice at ACPA, lector FILM at HdK, Chair PARC and Steering Committee Member of the NWA Route Kunst:
  • 14:20 > Debbie Straver – Project lead Creating Cultures of Care (SPRONG) and Knowledge Manager at Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU)
    • Short intro about the HKU Research funding support structure
    • Short overview of different types of subsidies for research in the arts (individual trajectories, research in consortia and collaboration in strategic network and programmes, such as SPRONG
    • the structure and process of SPRONG and how the research Creating Cultures of Care has been set up.
    • Q&A
  • 14:50 > BREAK
  • 15:00 > Tanja Vracic – Funding Advisor at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool van de Kunsten (AHK)
  • 15:30 > Paul Craenen – Lector Music, Education & Society at the Royal Conservatoire and Senior Researcher at ACPA.
    • Sharing experiences regarding the process of Sounding Urban Places, a research project co-funded by the Taskforce for Applied Science SIA in the context of URBAN EUROPE; Building transformation capacity through arts and design: Unlocking the full potential for urban transitions
    • Q&A
  • 16:00 > Aparajita Dutta, Head of International Affairs at the University of the Arts (HdK)
    • Discussing the new (KABK) EU Erasmus research project process ‘Climate Truth Crisis…Empowering Young Designers for Democratic Futures’
    • Q&A
  • 16:20 > BREAK
  • 16:30 > Joint reflection, moderated by Erik Viskil:
    • Individual level: How can an individual researcher apply? And how can they collaborate in applications? Which grant is most suitable and gives the highest chance of success?
    • Collective level: How to share funding knowledge and capacities between (art) universities? How to organize match-making sessions for (artistic) researchers? Research agendas - how can we jointly, as universities of professional education, influence the general research agendas?
    • [your input or questions]
  • 16:55 > End

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