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Photo credit: Minji Kim

Ecology and (Sounding) Art, with Marcel Cobussen, MinJi Kim & Kevin Fairbairn

Su 24 Mar 2024 14:00 – 16:00, Lecture - West Den Haag

In this session, Marcel Cobussen, MinJi Kim & Kevin Fairbairn will address two fundamental questions on (sounding) art & ecology.

The specific questions are:

  • What can the arts - and sounding art in particular - contribute to the liveability of a densely populated area like 'De Randstad'?
  • How can sounding art have an active and substantial role in thinking about and dealing with issues like biodiversity, climate change adaptation, heat stress, and/or water-related issues?

Minji Kim – ACPA PhD candidate - is a sound artist and instrument builder working on the relation between sound and ecology in coastal areas in The Netherlands and South Korea. Kevin Fairbairn – Postdoc at ACPA – is a musician and a scholar, working around the edges of installation, improvisation, composition, and craftsmanship. Marcel Cobussen is Professor of Auditory Culture at ACPA and investigates how redesigning public sonic spaces can enhance the general well-being of both humans and nonhumans.

Minji, Kevin, and Marcel are also members of ACPA’s newly established Sound Studies Center.

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