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Still from 'Sound Theory (The Clouds)'. Photo by Sebastián Diaz Morales

The Sound Image and the Possible Audible

Fr 27 Oct 2023 20:25 – 20:50, PhD Presentation - Amare, Studio 1, Spuiplein 150

During this presentation for the Joint Research Day, Gabriel Paiuk will elaborate on the utility of a novel concept of sound image in a post-anthropocentric context in which both mind and material artefacts are instances across which the image occurs, rather than hosts on which the image is anchored. The sound image becomes a tool to address how different audibilities are formed, and how these audibilities are intrinsic to material, collective and technical configurations.

Paiuk has elaborated this concept as part of his dissertation Mutable Audible – An Operative Ontology of the Sound Image, and has articulated across a number works which explore how the audible is variably formed.

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