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JP Dr. Brigitta Kuster

JP Dr. Brigitta Kuster is a Junior Professor at the Department of Cultural History and Theory, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

She holds a PhD in Philosophy from the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. JP Dr. Kuster specialises in film/media and gender/queer studies, with a particular emphasis on postcolonial and border studies. Her current research focuses on issues of biometric technologies and the EU border, as well as on continuations of considerations, practices and concerns of so-called Third Cinema, “cinéma militant” and contemporary radical practices in post-cinematic realms.

Her recent publications include contributions on a “cinema of care” and several articles in international journals on the digitisation of the European border. Her major publications include a monograph dealing with the contemporary European border from the perspective of a kinetics of migration and film/audiovisual media (Grenze filmen: Eine kulturwissenschaftliche Analyse audiovisueller Produktionen an den Grenzen Europas, published by transcript in 2018), which was widely received, and a volume on the history and memory of the German colonial project in today’s Cameroon (Choix d’un passé. Transnationale Vergegenwärtigungen kolonialer Hinterlassenschaften, published by transversal texts in 2016). Together with Marie-Hélène Gutberlet she published a three volumes book on the cinema of Med Hondo with international contributions from art as well as from academia. Kuster is also a member of EIPCP, the European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies. Apart from her academic work, Kuster also has an international profile as an artist and cultural producer, including numerous curatorial works in the fields of film, theatre and exhibitions. From this career she brings with her not least lengthy experience with transdisciplinary research and cultural practice.

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