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1646 is looking for an artist/researcher to do a residency in The Hague! 29_Feb_24

With an international focus and valuing the circulation of perspectives, the fully funded Residency Program of 1646 is set up as a retreat to nourish work, develop ideas and connections. Through an annual open call, they open their doors to artists or researchers engaged in creative practices worldwide, to stay and work/research at 1646 in the centre of The Hague.

Deadline: 29th of February 2024.

What are they looking for?

The call proposed by 1646 and ReCNTR is open to both artists and researchers interested in investigating relevant social and political issues through multimodal and artistic methods. The objective of the residency is to support the work of individuals engaged in the practice of “thinking through making”, i.e. artistic or multimodal practices not as separate from, or in dialogue with knowledge production, but as practices and methodologies of knowledge production in and of themselves.

What can you expect?

The focus of the residency lies on experimenting and researching, rather than arriving at an end result. Because of this it does not conclude in an exhibition. The emphasis is placed on the presence and interaction of the resident within the context of 1646 and ReCNTR’s community in the Netherlands, composed of artists, art professionals, researchers, students and faculty members, at Leiden University. All residents are asked to present their research/practice to the public during an event that suits the scale or format of their work. This will be decided in conversation with the curatorial team.

What do they offer?

  • A 2 months residency in September – October 2024
  • An artist fee of € 2.000 – including VAT.
  • A production budget of € 1.000,- including VAT.
  • A studio space of 5 x 3m inside 1646 building. Residents can make use of our (technical) equipment and tools. They can also make use of the workshop facilities of the Royal Art Academy (KABK) and will have access to Leiden University’s facilities, including the library’s physical and online catalogues.
  • One of 1646’s small studio apartments located in the building of 1646. The accommodation includes a shared kitchen and bathroom. Children and partners are welcome to join the residency when communicated beforehand. Please see the link for images and further details.
  • Travelling expenses of the artist are covered by 1646 and ReCNTR up to €750. We promote the use of low carbon travelling wherever possible. The travel costs of partners and/or children cannot be covered.
  • Guests will be offered at least 4 feedback sessions by both 1646 and ReCNTR’s curatorial team (in total).

How to apply?

Check this link and the link above to find out how to apply.