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Open Call 'Being in Relation: Art as Ecology' 22_Jan_24

How can we create ‘collectively’ while acknowledging our ever-evolving hybrid identities and artistic practices and our relationship with the unknown?

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For this year’s Open Call, APRIA (ArtEZ Platform for Research Interventions of the Arts) is asking what it means to create with the understanding that an artwork can be regarded as an ‘ecology’, a heterogeneous meshwork of co-constitutive forces, and always exists due to relationships—with audiences, makers, histories, spatiality, temporality and experiences to name a few. This sym-poiesis or ‘making-with’* – redefines these relationships as enactive, multiple, co-producing, reciprocal, symbiotic or in other ways yet to uncover. The relationships weave between things, species, images, humans, objects, and affects, grounding artistic practices in a dynamic interaction of redistributed authorship among multiple creators, environments, audiences, technologies and the unknown.

APRIA is seeking contributions that embody these acknowledgements, document their negotiations, and challenge the presumed singularity of artistic production.

Check the link for detailed information on how to apply.