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Alex Schröder, 2023, Luiz Zanotello performs his research during the Joint Research Day

Call for Proposals & Info Session: Innovative Projects for NWA Routes 2024 - 12_Sept_24

The call for Innovative Projects for NWA Routes 2024 is now open! The deadline to apply is the 12th of September 2024.

A maximum of €300,000 per Route can be applied for up to three projects. An Innovative Project has a size of minimum € 50,000 and maximum € 150,000. Within the Art Route, the aim is to select three projects with a size of €100,000. The maximum duration of the total project is 24 months. A proposal is submitted by a main applicant (a professor, lecturer, university (senior) lecturer or similar position) and any co-applicants (public knowledge organisations or research organisations) and connects at least one knowledge institution and one social partner.

The Dutch Research Agenda (NWA) has emerged from an inclusive process with citizens and scientists, resulting in 25 routes addressing complex issues. The call for Innovative Projects (formerly Small Projects) within the NWA routes offers financial support to networks within these routes, with a focus on innovation, knowledge exploitation and closing gaps in the knowledge agenda. This can include scientific projects that are difficult to fund elsewhere, or have a preparatory character for larger research in and with society.


Applications submitted within this Call for proposals will be substantively assessed on the basis of the using the criteria set by NWO, which are described in detail in the call.

In addition, the Art Route will assess the extent to which synergy exists between the three projects that will be applied for, whereby the projects reinforce each other and form a coherent whole. The Route chooses to join forces on content to counteract fragmentation in art research. Naturally, the quality of the three proposed projects must be outstanding.

Please read the call carefully for additional information, such as the requirements for projects and which parties may apply and the criteria for co-applicants and cooperation partners.


A matchmaking meeting was held in February, about which more information can be found on our website. Participation in that meeting was not mandatory for the submission of proposals.

Three lead applicants submit intentions for three projects by 1 July 2024 by emailing them jointly to info@routekunstnwa.nl. Each intention includes a project description of up to 500 words per project, including its relationship to the Art Route gamechangers and the cluster questions posed. A description of the mutual synergy between the three projects of up to 500 words is also required. A budget is not required at this stage.

The Art Route figurehead and an external committee, consisting of representatives from research, making and presentation institutions, will assess the received intentions based on the above criteria. In mid July, the lead applicants of the two best assessed intentions will be invited for an interview with the Figurehead and the external committee. The Figurehead will then select one of these intentions for elaboration into applications within the Innovative Projects 2024 from Art Route.

The three lead applicants then individually submit their applications to NWO, together with a statement from the Art Route . The application submission deadline is Thursday 12 September 2024, 14:00 CEST.

For questions not answered by the Innovative Projects 2024 call itself, please contact Merel Willemsen, Art Route advisor, at info@routekunstnwa.nl.

Info Session 6th of June 2024

You are cordially invited to join the info session and ask any questions you may have about this Open Call through a Q&A session with the Route Management and a representative from NWO on Thursday June 6th between 12:00 and 14:00 hrs. Teams meeting link here.

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