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Call for Proposals for Professorships: DIS_SEMINAR #2

On Tuesday 29 November 2022 from 10.00 to 18.00, the platform Kunst ≈ Onderzoek (‘art ≈ research’) will organise another exposium #2. You can send in your proposal for participation before the 18th of October 2022.

The name of this year’s edition remains the same as in 2019, DIS_SEMINAR, as the platform prolongs the theme of alternative forms of dissemination of research in the arts. They regard the event as an informal setting to present research in the arts to each other, discuss and exchange them, and together contribute to the discourse of artistic research in the Netherlands. The programme is set up as such that it’s for the professorships, by the professorships.

The programme consists of several keynote speakers and smaller work sessions. The contents of the sessions are linked to the works of art and design lectorates. They invite you and other researchers in your professorship to contribute as:

  • Presenting professorship (in collaboration with artists-researchers)
  • Discussion leader / moderator, who also introduces a question or statement
  • Ref-Lector, for a written reflection and summary of the session

They expect to have multiple alternating sub-sessions. The general overview of the sessions:

  • Presentations: short alternative presentation forms of art research, such as, for example, a performance lecture, exposition, interactive installation. These can also be disseminations of or postdoc research, third cycle or MA research! Estimated duration: 20 minutes
  • Discussion: following up on the presentation, a discussion leader introduces a question or statement with regard to the dissemination form. This starts a discussion/conversation or workshop under guidance of the discussion leader. The main questions or statements are collected at the end and fed back. (45-60 minutes)
  • Reflection: each sub-session ends with one researcher who summarises the focus points of the conversation at the end of the exposium, along with a short reflection for on the website.

Interested in showing yourself and contributing to the programme? Check the link for detailed information about the Open Call.