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Invocación y Danza – Homenaje a Manuel de Falla

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Name: João Diogo Rosas Leitão Main Subject: Guitar Research Coach: Enno Voorhorst Title of Research: “Invocación y Danza – Homenaje a Manuel de Falla” - a new light on the piece brought by the manuscript Research Question: How to deal with the different editions and solve the problems in the manuscript in order to get a playable and faithful version of “Invocación y Danza – Homenaje a Manuel de Falla” by Joaquin Rodrigo? Research Process: Two main topics were focused on in my research: An understanding of Joaquin Rodrigo's life, both personal and musical, focusing on his relationship with the guitar and the details behind the composing process of “Invocación y Danza” and the appearance of the manuscript. A comparison of the different editions of the score and the manuscript, noticing where each one of them differs from the other and how and trying out the different possibilities and solutions for each problematic spot. Summary of Results: Although I could not prove without a doubt that the manuscript available is the one that was sent for the Paris competition, I gathered strong evidence that can support this theory. With this manuscript we can see that some of the original ideas are actually not possible to play in the guitar, since Rodrigo did not play the guitar, and there are some doubts regarding the handwriting and the fact that it was a handmade copy made in a hurry. Apparently this manuscript disappeared after the first edition and all the following editions, that were trying to solve some of the doubts and difficult passages of the piece, were based on that same first edition. By comparing all the different details in each score and by creating and trying out new options and solutions I managed to make a new edition that is a compromise between the original idea and musical intention from the manuscript and a technically comfortable and playable score.

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